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Daumier in the Press

2602, 2018

Liberation 15 Octobre 1999

Double page article: Culture. Daumier Caricature and "Petit glossaire du caricaturiste" with numerous illustrations from famous Daumier lithographs, drawings and sculptures Better resolution of this image on request.

602, 2018

Direitos Humanos, by Cynara Menezes

Online article on Human Rights and the homeless. With numerous illustrations, among which: Wood engraving by Honoré Daumier, Dormeurs à la corde. - deux sous la nuit. DR5838 Read the full article: www.socialistamorena.com.br/abominavel-arte-de-impedir-pessoas-sem-teto-de-dormir-na-rua-e-pedir-esmolas/

102, 2018

The Illustrated London News

The Illustrated London News, Jan.18, 1908 published an article: At The Sign or St. Paul's: Andrew Lang on Famous Scottish Trials, with reproductions of 6 lithographs by Daumier. Better resolution of this image on request.

1011, 2017

The Rule of the Mass Mind

The New York Times Book Review of Aug. 21, 1932 features a photograph of Daumier's famous lithograph "Le Ventre Législatif" DR131 for their article "The Rule of the Mass Mind", A Leader of Modern Spain Discusses Our Present Dilemma. (see [...]

1011, 2017

Royal Cortissoz in 1925 with DR7220

Royal Cortissoz wrote an article about Daumier in "The Field of Art" in 1925, Vol. 78 -16, page 217 with the image of DR7220 as illustration. See also details about the background of this famous painting under daumier-register.org

911, 2017

Golden Hundred Years of French Painting

The Illustrated London News, June 12, 1965 Article with various illustrations, among others Daumier's oil painting DR7224 Tête de paillasse / Head of a Clown. (better resolution of the article available on request or go to: Daumier-Register )

909, 2017

The Daumier-Register

CRSA, May 19, 2014 Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association View the article: https://www.catalogueraisonne.org/project-profiles/2014/5/19/the-daumier-register   The Daumier-Register May 19, 2014 CRSA recently sat down with Dieter and Lilian Noack to talk about their monumental 14 year effort, the Daumier-Register, an ongoing digital [...]

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