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Daumier in the Press

203, 2019

Vanity Fair, May, 1933: THE TREE OF MODERN ART

Miguel Covarrubias, Mexican painter and writer, Mexico City, 1904 - Mexico City, 1957   THE TREE OF MODERN ART—PLANTED 60 YEARS AGO Executed in 1933. First published in the May 1933 issue of Vanity Fair—The Tree of Modern Art, Planted [...]

2702, 2019

La Vie Illustrée, 1900

A la Mémoire de Daumier. A full page article by Paul Erio with pictures of the Daumier statue in Valmondois, Daumier's atelier in Valmondois and last photograph of Daumier (by Carjat).

2302, 2019

Degas, Caricature and Modernity: Daumier, Gavarni, Keene

CAMBRIDGE.- Edgar Degas’s (1834-1917) sense of humour is being explored through an exhibition looking at three caricaturists and satirists whose work he collected in large numbers: Honoré Daumier (1808-79), Paul Gavarni (1804-66) and Charles Keene (1823-91). The exhibition Degas, Caricature [...]

2602, 2018

Liberation 15 Octobre 1999

Double page article: Culture. Daumier Caricature and "Petit glossaire du caricaturiste" with numerous illustrations from famous Daumier lithographs, drawings and sculptures Better resolution of this image on request.

602, 2018

Direitos Humanos, by Cynara Menezes

Online article on Human Rights and the homeless. With numerous illustrations, among which: Wood engraving by Honoré Daumier, Dormeurs à la corde. - deux sous la nuit. DR5838 Read the full article: www.socialistamorena.com.br/abominavel-arte-de-impedir-pessoas-sem-teto-de-dormir-na-rua-e-pedir-esmolas/

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