19 03, 2007

Monet and Daumier


Exponen dibujos y caricaturas del pintor impresionista La Royal Academy muestra rostro desconocido de Monet "Si uno compara sus caricaturas con las de Daumier o alguien así, uno se da [...]

16 03, 2007

Honoré Daumier and La Maison Aubert


Honoré Daumier and La Maison Aubert: Politics and Social Satire in Paris. A seminar at Rutgers University, NJ, Zimmerli Art Museum   This seminar will anticipate the retrospective exhibition Honoré [...]

14 03, 2007

Old Gallants and Retired Financiers


François Couperin (1668-1733), probably writing to entertain Louis XIV, varies the moods to suit his epoch’s conception of love in relation to such aspects as Virginity, Modesty, Ardor, Hope, Languor, [...]

13 03, 2007

Daumier inspired Monet


One of the most illuminating aspects of the exhibition is its display of Monet's caricatures, mostly executed around his native Le Havre. We tend not to think of Steve Bell [...]

13 03, 2007

Soulouque in Daumier’s work


Soulouque führte ständig Krieg gegen die Dominikanische Republik, der wie das Hornberger Schießen endete, aber als Sieg gefeiert wurde, und nahm Söhne und Töchter der Mulatten-Bourgeoisie als Geiseln, die er [...]

10 03, 2007

Disney and Daumier


Disney's favourite artist was Germany's Heinrich Kley, a Disney contemporary who created fantastical images of everything from cutesy anthropomorphic animals to scary demons. But Disney's tastes went far beyond the [...]

10 03, 2007

The unknown Claude Monet


The artist is famous for his paintings of haystacks and lilies. But a new exhibition demonstrates his other side By Louise Jury He carried on producing caricatures for cash, studying [...]

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