About Us

Who are the people behind this website?

You may have been wondering who those people are, working full-time for this website and the DAUMIER REGISTER©, the new work catalogue of Daumier’s graphic oeuvre?

Many important work catalogues in the art world have been compiled by collectors or art dealers rather than museum curators or scholars. The same holds true for us, Lilian and Dieter Noack, residents of Switzerland. In 1998 we retired from what is generally known as our “active life” looking forward to times of quiet relaxation and enjoyment. Little did we know what would expect us when we decided to catalogue our large Daumier collection of some 3500 lithographs. Halfway through the work, we realized that the old Hazard and Delteil work catalogues from 1904 and 1925 needed a workover.

The idea was born to create a new tool which would make it possible to offer affordable access to a completely overhauled work catalogue on the internet for the numerous collectors all over the world. We started to become fully involved working together with some 100 museums, universities and large private collections generously offering us their help.

As a result, we came out with two websites:

The DAUMIER WEBSITE (www.daumier.org) offers information about Daumier’s life and œuvre, for example a detailed biography, a bibliography with over 2’000 titles, a list of 1’200 Daumier exhibitions, descriptions of Le Charivari and other newspapers, an exhibition of Daumier fakes and imitations, Daumier News and Discussion Forum and an exhibition of unpublished Daumier prints, to name just a few topics.

The second website is the DAUMIER REGISTER (www.daumier-register.org). This is the digital work catalogue giving detailed information and at least one photograph for each of the 4’000 Daumier lithographs, 1’000 wood engravings and 540 oil paintings. It is an unusual tool made available to the Daumier community and a “first” in the art world. Numerous search functions make it possible to identify each Daumier print and painting.

The years spent on research and collecting of information for the database were full of enjoyment and great surprises. The project is financed entirely by ourselves and it will also in the future be non-profit and available free of charge. We hope that Daumier collectors as well as students, professors, curators and art dealers will continue to make use of it.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or suggestions.

Dieter and Lilian Noack


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