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Daumier in the Press

1204, 2017

KORTARSUNK DAUMIER – Exhibition in Hungary

Daumier's contemporaries - exhibition opening in Hungary Opening by the French Ambassador in Hungary on March 25, 2017 Galerie Vaszary in Balatonfüred, till June 11, 2017 Kortársunk Daumier - kiállításmegnyitó Egy példátlanul sikeres év után idei els? kiállításunkkal a korábbi [...]

2602, 2016

LES BLANCHISSEURS – Verboten und doch veröffentlicht

February 26, 2016 blog.arthistoricum.net 25.2.2016 Barbara Wagner Honoré Daumier, Les Blanchisseurs. Le bleu s'en va mais ce diable de rouge tient comme du sang. La Caricature, 23.08.1832 (DR 39)   Wie das Daumier-Register vor wenigen Tagen auf der Web-Site bekannt [...]

2201, 2015

Caricature Has Always Meant to Provoke

Caricature Has Always Meant to Provoke, and Been Targeted for It By Nicola Smith, Valley News Staff Writer January 22, 2015, Valley News (Published in print: Thursday, January 22, 2015)   Which of the caricatures described below are Charlie Hebdo [...]

1101, 2015

Cartoons are essential to free debate

Pensacola News Journal Cartoons are essential to free debate J. Earle Bowden CST January 11, 2015   Gosh, gunfire, cold-blooded death for caricaturists for splashing a valid, wicked inked expression of freedom. This cleansing freedom of The Word, Opinion and [...]

701, 2015

Intermission: Je suis Charlie

ACT FOUR Intermission: Je suis Charlie By Alyssa Rosenberg January 7, 2015 Internet release   It doesn’t quite feel right to pose a casual discussion question, given the events of today, so here are some important pieces on the attack [...]

2312, 2013

Daumier in Moscow

23 December 2013, Internet release Exhibition of life and manners in France as seen by Honore Daumier opens in Moscow Moscow's Folk Graphics Museum presents work by one of the most outstanding French artists of the 19th century. Honore Daumier [...]

3110, 2013

The Art of Honoré Daumier: An Artist’s Artist

A rare chance to reappraise the masterful work of a soulful caricaturist Prospero The Economist, Oct 31st 2013 by P.W. View the article: https://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2013/10/art-honor-daumier HONORÉ DAUMIER (1808-1879) was 21-years old when his satirical lithographs began to appear in the Paris [...]

909, 2013

Daumier Reveals All: Inside the Artist’s Studio

Daumier Reveals All: Inside the Artist’s Studio, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, September 14 September 7, 2014 By Tom Ski   Following on the heels of Daumier’s Salon: A Human Comedy, curated by former SBMA exhibition intern Elizabeth Saari Browne, [...]

104, 2013

Pears, Pastimes, and People

April 1, 2013, NYU Internet release   Pears, Pastimes, and People. Caricatures by Daumier and his contemporaries. La Maison Française, New York University April 12 – May 31, 2013 La Maison Française of New York University is pleased to present [...]

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