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Stamp 1

France, issued May 20, 1961. Value: 0,45 FF.

Stamp 2

France, issued December 10, 1966. Value: 1,00 FF. showing the painting: “Crispin et Scapin”.

Stamp 3

France, issued December 10, 1966. Value: 1,00 FF. showing the painting: “Crispin et Scapin”.

Stamp 4

République de Djibouti, Value: 500 F. showing the painting: “La Blanchisseuse”. The stamp was issued in 1979 for the 100th anniversary of Daumier’s death.

Stamp 6

France, issued May 1961. Value: 0,45 FF showing a portrait of Daumier and the statue of Ratapoil. The postcard on the right (stamped: Premier Jour Honoré Daumier Mai 61 Marseille) shows a small reproduction of the lithograph “Rue Transnonain”.

Stamp 5

Romania. Issued July 25, 1966. Value: 1,55 Lei, showing “2nd Class Train Compartment” by Honoré Daumier from the series “Paintings in the National Gallery, Bucharest”

Stamp 7

San Marino issued August 22, 2008. Value 1,70 showing a painting by Daumier: Les curieux à l’étalage and a sculpture: D’Argout.

Stamp 8

Printer’s proof of April 28, 1961 for the French Daumier stamp. Value FF 0.45 + 0.10. From: “Relais” Revue trimestrielle de la Société des Amis du Musée de La Poste, n° 103 – 09/2008, p.22.

Stamp 9

This special stamp has been issued by the French Post on November 10, 2008 to celebrate Daumier’s 200th birthday. Value: EUR 1.33. Right side: Same stamp on envelope of first day edition.
The picture used for this stamp is DR 6010 “Un guichet de théâtre”. (Foto courtesy Jean-Claude Bastian, Société des Amis du Musée de La Poste de Paris)

Stamp 10

Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Stamp showing Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa

Stamp 11

First Day cover of French stamp, value FF 0,45. Stamped on May 20, 1961 in Marseille

Stamp 12

Stamp from Niger, value 50F, showing the oil painting “Un homme et son enfant” or “Le Baiser”

Stamp 13

Stamp from Bulgaria, showing the lithograph DR579 “Regrets”

Stamp 14

Special postmark issued in Germany in occasion of the Daumier exhibition in Ingelheim, April 24 to May 31, 1971.

Stamp 15

Postcard with stamp: Centennaire Daumier à Valmondois, 1808

Stamp 16

Ivory Coast 2013 Honoré Daumier Paintings
700F and 1700F

Stamp 17

Mozambique 2011 – 6 stamps illustrating famous Realism paintings. Among others: “Le Wagon de Troisieme Classe (The Third-Class Wagon)” by Honoré Daumier (bottom left).

Stamp 18

Paris 1901: Exposition Daumier organized by the Beaux-Arts Museum in Paris, May 1901

Stamp 19

Unpublished stamp, probably 1959. Engraved by Georges Thouvenot (1909-2008)

Stamp 20

Sierra Leone 2016, showing Daumier’s famous “Rue Transnonain” (DR135)

Stamp 21

Togo 2017: Les grands peintres du réalisme: Daumier, Courbet, Millet, Repin


Medal 1

Russian bronze medal designed by Russian sculptor A. Korolyuk, made in 1981, by the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Mint, marked on the medal. Size: diameter= 2 5/16″ (60mm).

Medal 2

French medal of 1952 by Georges Lay. The front shows a portrait of Daumier and the reverse an interpretation of his work. SFAM no. 32 cast bronze 98mm.

Medal 3

Medal in solid sterling silver, produced by the Franklin Mint Company in 1973 with the title: “Treasures of the Louvre”. Reverse states: “Crispin Et Scapin”. Diameter: 1 5/8″ .

Medal 4

Bronze Medal 1982, diameter 2.6 inches: portrait of Honoré Daumier, 1808-1879, signed S.Goldberg. Reverse : mother and child and a quotation from Th. De Banville “Il était peuple et il aimait le peuple”.

Medal 5

Plaster Medal, diameter 19.5 cm: portrait of Honoré Daumier, by J. Lecroart.

Medal 6

Plaque by H. Derbesy, Portrait of Honoré Daumier. Bronze, signed

Medal 7

Bronze by R.P. Duchemin, Portrait of Honoré Daumier, verso: Ratapoil. Diameter 68mm

Medal 8

Russian medal “H.Daumier” marked by LMD. Bronze, signed

Medal 9

Medal “H.Daumier” marked by S. Goldberg. Bronze

Medal 10

Bronze medal by Honoré Daumier and Vic Daumas, signed: Honoré Daumier – Vic Daumas. Inscription: 9, Quai d’Anjou; size: 62 mm diameter

Medal 11

Medallion of Honoré Daumier by Adolphe Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume, French sculptor, goldsmith, 1816–1892.
Hommage de la commune de Valmondois. Plaster, 1878, diameter 25.5 cm