26 12, 2004

MOURLOT and Daumier Reprints.


December 26, 2004 Of the many fakes and reprints of Daumier lithographs on the market, the better quality reprints have been produced by the MOURLOT brothers. You can see here [...]

13 11, 2004

How rich or poor was Daumier?


November 13, 2004 (some not too serious observations about the costs of living in 19th century Paris) Literature often mentions that Daumier was a relatively poor man, who followed Corot’s [...]

25 08, 2004

Tobu Museum Japan closed.


August 25, 2004 Another museum to fall victim to the Bubble, the Tobu Museum of Art at the Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Japan, has shut its doors in 2003. [...]

17 08, 2004

The “Web Site of the Week”


August 17, 2004 From the website: CAFÉ METROPOLE PARIS on April 26, 2004 www.metropoleparis.com/2004/918/918cafe.html QUOTE "The Web Site of the Week This item about Honoré Daumier is here instead of [...]

1 07, 2004

Press On!


July 1, 2004 Daumier and Impressions of the 19th Century, A Glimpse Into Printmaking, Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, New Haven CT Honore Daumier was a political cartoonist before that [...]

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