Stolen, Lost and Missing Paintings and Drawings

The following accumulation of information concerns the touching history of works by Daumier, which had either been stolen from Museums or private collections or lost over the years and are thus considered missing. Any distinction between stolen and lost works of Art has become exceedingly fragile due to the lack of reliable information caused by two World Wars. The findings presented in the DAUMIER REGISTER will never be permanent. They are being adjusted over time.

It should be noted that in a number of cases dating back to the late 1800s photographs were not available, which made it speculative to add these paintings to the list of missing works. In view of the convincing provenance, in some cases however, we decided to add them to the list.

Any information you might come across about missing Daumier works should be forwarded to the DAUMIER REGISTER in full confidence. Since we are constantly updating data please consult the Daumier Register under the respective DR-number or go to Present location unknown/lost/stolen.

You will always find the latest research HERE by going to the PROVENANCE DETAILS.