Films and Broadcast


Honoré Daumier – Witness to a Century. Documentary 1988, 8 minutes. This video uses the drawings and animated sequences of Honoré Daumier to chronicle the history of France around the period of the French Revolution.

BBC Production

Daumier and his Robert Macaire (1972)

The political context of Daumier’s work and the lavish illustrations which demonstrate his great artistic skill and brilliant characterisation. Concentrates of the series of lithographs known as the ‘101 prints of Robert Macaire’, first published in Charivari during the years 1836 and 1838.

Bolsinger, D.

Eine Lithographie Daumiers entsteht. Der Kampf der Schulen wird auf dem Stein gestaltet. Kurzfilm 4′

Bolsinger, D.

Daumiers Paris. Bildcollage, 8′. 2008

Cameron University

Daumier: Politics and Art in Nineteenth-Century France. Video publication, Cameron Univ. Media Services. Nov. 1986. Lawton, OK

Gaudenzi, Bruno

Daumier vu par Le Journal du Temps / Zeit im Wandel
Vidéo sur Daumier, présentée par Bruno Gaudenzi dans Le Journal du Temps de l’émission 28 minutes sur Arte.

Epstein. Jean

Les Aventures de Robert Macaire (France, 1925)

Writer: Charles Vayre
Color: Black and White
Jean Angelo: Robert Macaire
Alex Allin: Bertrand
Suzanne Bianchetti: Louise de Sermèze
Lou Dovoyna: Victoire (as Dovoyna)
Jean-Pierre Stock: Vicomte de la Ferté
Marquisette Bosky: Jeanne
François Viguier: (as Viguier)
Niblia: (as Mme. Niblia)

Hollinger, R.

Un artiste republicain en colère, Honoré Daumier [videorecording] / SFP,Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities, 1986

Konicek, M.

Things to remember about Daumier. Short videofilm (4’10”) presented at 20th Videofilm Festival Locarno, 1999.

Leenhart, Roger

Daumier. 16mm noir et blanc, 14′ , 1958, France. Prix de Qualité 1959

McCartney, Paul

Soundtrack to the animated featurette Daumier’s Law to recreate the drawings of Daumier. Premiered at Cannes in 1992.
His first production, Daumier’s Law, won the top prize in 1992 at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards. See comments

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Honoré Daumier, from the Metropolitan Museum exhibition, English, (28’), 1993, produced, directed and edited, aired by QPTV, channel 35 and 56.

Bircar Unver

VHS Video on Daumier at Metropolitan Exhibition 1993, New York.

Oklahoma Foundation for the Humanities

Daumier: Politics and Art in Nineteenth-Century France. Video publication, Cameron Univ. Media Services. Nov. 1986 / 1987

San Francisco State University

Honoré Daumier: a portrait of French painter and caricaturist Honoré Daumier (1808-1879). With an introduction to 19th century France, its times, its people, and its politics. 1 hour video cassette, color. 1986

Schinkel, G.

Hommage an Honoré Daumier (1808 – 1879), in Würdigung seiner Juristenkarikaturen. Vertontes Gedicht Musett-Walzer, 1979

Schmidt, G.

Kleine Geschichte der Modernen Malerei von Daumier bis Chagall. 10 Radio-Vorträge.

Warde, R.

Videocassette: Daumier. La peinture dans les années 1850 – Daumier et Courbet. Macalaster College, St. Paul, MN, USA


26.2.1983 Rückblende. (H. Daumier). Uni Dortmund 1983

Wechsler, Judith

Honoré Daumier: One Must Be of One’s Time 1999. France/USA, film 52 min. Moma. French version: “Honoré Daumier: Il Faut être de son temps” distributed by The Reunion des Musées Nationaux, France

Wechsler, Judith and Eames, Ch.

Daumier, Paris, and the Spectator 1977, distributed by Pyramid Films.