Our new work catalogue for Daumier’s wood engravings is online just in time for Daumier’s 199th birthday this February 2007. This means that in the DAUMIER REGISTER © you can now move freely between the more than 4’000 lithographs and the 1’000 wood-engravings. We have implemented the same set of search functions already known to users of the work catalogue for lithographs. We are sure that for many Daumier connoisseurs and collectors of Daumier lithographs the wood engravings are still a new and unknown field and it will be highly interesting to look through these highly expressive and often dramatic prints. It is our great hope that with the work catalogue for wood engravings these prints will receive a long overdue appreciation.

Our next step will now be the extremely challenging task of compiling information for the section about oil paintings as the new addition to the Daumier Register. This will keep us busy for a couple of years and we would be extremely grateful if owners of paintings – private or Museums – could contact us and supply information about their paintings.

As you are surely aware, our DAUMIER REGISTER © is a work of love (and we do love every moment of it). If you feel that the DAUMIER REGISTER © has helped you in your work or research, this may be the right moment to consider a small donation to the Register and help covering the ongoing software costs. Please contact us for details concerning check payment. Alternatively you could easily pay directly into our Paypal account (account name: ). Any contribution is highly appreciated and we will be happy to add your name (if desired) to the list of sponsors on our website www.daumier.org .

We are looking forward to exciting years of work on Daumier’s paintings ahead of us and we are thrilled about the numerous exhibitions which have been planned for Daumier’s 200th birthday in 2008. We always appreciate receiving all your questions which reach us on a daily basis and we are delighted to work together with you and the entire Daumier community in the coming years.

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