August 17, 2004

From the website: CAFÉ METROPOLE PARIS on April 26, 2004


“The Web Site of the Week

This item about Honoré Daumier is here instead of in the wasteland of the ‘count–downs’ because this famous cartoonist was born on Friday, 26. February 1808 in Marseille and he died, um, almost 71 years later on Friday, 3. January 1879 in Valmondois. As you can see there are no even numbers of ‘years ago’ here.

But Mayor Bertrand Delanoë will pay a visit at 15:00 to the Père Lachaise cemetery on Wednesday, 19. May, to assist with the cemetery’s 200th anniversary.

This news comes from Lilian and Dieter Noack who have written to say that Daumier’s sadly neglected plot in Père Lachaise has been cleaned up – the fallen tree was removed at last – even though the tombstone and the surrounding chain are still in a sorry state after 125 years. Lilian and Dieter hope the mayor will lend a hand with the Daumier grave restoration project.

The best time of year – greens are fresh and so is the warm sky.

Even if you are not directly concerned, you can still take a look at one of the most ambitious Web sites devoted to Honoré Daumier. It features reproductions of many rare prints seldom seen anywhere else. You can also see photos of the neglected grave in Père Lachaise.”


Comment on the website: The metropoleparis website is a highly informative site and most useful when planning your next visit to Paris.

Comment on the grave: Unfortunately so far we have received no news from the mayor of Paris regarding the restoration of the grave. This means that we are continuing to collect funds from Daumier friends. Please have a look at the DAUMIER’S GRAVE section for more information and pictures, and THANK YOU for supporting us in this project!