May 27, 2004

We would like to share with you another finding from our Daumier treasure hunt. This one comes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, one of over 100 great museums we are working with while establishing the DAUMIER REGISTER, the new digital work catalogue on Daumier’s lithographic oeuvre.

When visiting the print room of the Metropolitan Museum, we found this lithograph containing one sheet of prints from the Caricaturana series.


What was unusual about it is that these prints are tiny, each one measuring about 50 x50 mm, compared to the full sized 250×225 mm plates in the regular series. Furthermore, it should be noted that the series is not complete. It only shows a fraction of the 100 Macaires which appeared in the Caricaturana.

As you will note, the name of the printer given is Pobuda Rees & Cie, a name which would indicate a German (or British) address.

In the 1830ies and 40ies, Pobuda produced prints and books for the Stuttgarter Literatur Comptor. We are unable to confirm where this sheet was published. If anyone has more information about this sheet, please be so kind to contact us.