We are frequently being asked for help by Daumier collectors finding works on offer by various large and small auction houses. Very often the description includes a sentence like:

“This work will be included in the forthcoming supplement to K.E. Maison’s Catalogue raisonné de l’OEuvre de Daumier, currently being prepared by the Comité Honoré Daumier.”

When interested collectors reach out to the Daumier Register for clarification we are unfortunately unable to assist them with information about this supplement to Maison’s catalogue. The Comité Daumier has spread this announcement for the last twenty years, yet there has not appeared a supplement to Maison’s catalogue raisonné to this day. When trying to get in touch with the Comité Daumier there is unfortunately no way of finding a website, an address or a contact for clarification.

We urge all collectors to get specific information directly from the auction house offering such works.

EVEN BETTER: Consult the Daumier Register Work Catalogue  to find out whether the work on offer is
– an authentic work by Daumier or
– an unconfirmed work by Daumier or
– an imitation of a work by Daumier

In case of doubt and in order to avoid bidding for dubious works do not hesitate to contact the Daumier Register: info (at) daumier (dot) org .