created by the Italian Art historian Donata Pacchetti is a new research tool (in Italian) dedicated to the sources of online art history.

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See here the introduction by Donata Pacchetti to this new research website:

Arteinunclick offers to identify, select and order art history sources available online throughout a sitography thought for scholars, researchers, students and art lovers.The innumerable initiatives of digitalization of the world’s historical and artistic heritage have made it possible, especially in the last few years, to create websites of great scientific interest and publish online historical-artistic sources, previously only available in archives, museums and local libraries. Selecting sources and organizing them, despite being conscious of not being able to identify and quote everything of interest that gets published on the internet, makes it possible for those interested to quickly find contents critically selected for their indisputable scientific and cultural value. Arteinunclick begins by publishing today the journey of artists, their collections and their databases online. The contents will frequently be updated and enriched and will later be aligned with information regarding different art periods, restorations, and so on. We seize this opportunity to thank all the scholars, the researchers, the curators, the directors, the professors and the artists who have made it easy and open to everyone to benefit from heritages, sources and contents of priceless value thanks to their love for culture.