As collectors or Museum curators you might be aware of our extensive Daumier bibliography listed in this website. At present, you will find a total of 2170 entries ( ) to which we are constantly adding more publications in connection with Daumier and his work.

Today we would like to draw your attention to the latest addition, a very special book which is worth mentioning and which we highly recommend:

RACCIUS POTTER,  O Veredicto Da Arte. Os atores da Justiça Criminal por H. Daumier. Editora Canal Ciências Criminais, Brazil. 2022. 336pp with numerous illustrations. In Portuguese.

The author, a lawyer himself, concentrates on Daumier’s Lawyers caricatures and on the many publications in this field. He gives an excellent background information about the judicial system in Daumier’s time and explains his relation to lawyers. The illustrations and book references mainly to South American publications are highly interesting.