It is a well known fact that Daumier was a prolific draftsman creating more than a thousand drawings on paper, not to mention his 4000 lithographs and 1000 wood engravings. Collectors and museums are also aware of the only etching Daumier ever published: DR3955

Our recent research, however, indicates that he may also have done two drawings on fabric, of which one is on silk. As you can see from the enclosed photographs, the drawing on fabric (or is it a print?) had been know already to Champfleury and he published it in his collection catalogue of 1891.

The second drawing, on silk, was offered for sale on auction by Drouot in June 1905, albeit with a question mark behind Daumier’s name.

As so often in those times, no photographs of these two drawings were provided. Thus we can just hope that in the future they will re-appear on the Art market.