The Daumier Register is the centre of research on works by Honoré Daumier and supplies appraisals and authentications to museums, auction houses and collectors.

Daumier is one of the most frequently copied artists of the 19th century. Already during his lifetime, Daumier complained about forgeries being offered on the market. As one might imagine, the number of imitations has increased over time and we are being contacted regularly from all over the world to issue authentications of drawings or paintings.

We charge an hourly fee for our services. We are trying to help our clients to save on the eventual expenses while complying with international Art standards. Therefore we reserve the right NOT to do an appraisal, if already at first viewing of the photograph of a work in question we see a less than 50% chance of a positive outcome of our research.

For our research we require high-resolution photographs (front and back), all technical information such as: medium, measures, etc as well as all available provenance.