It’s finally here! Daumier’s sculptures are online as an integrated part of the DAUMIER REGISTER. This complex and elaborate section of the catalog raisonné has taken up more time than expected, but we hope that the effort

was worthwhile.

Unfortunately, for cost reasons we had to save on some technical subtleties, as our fund-raising drive of last year had not brought the desired success. But we are sure you will be satisfied with this version. You will notice that we did not incorporate the numerous detailed photos in the various sculpture lists. But you can at any time receive them upon request.

All other search functions are like in the existing DAUMIER REGISTER and include cross references with all techniques. To find the new sculptures section, either go to “Start your search by” and select “sculptures”, or scroll down to the bottom of the Introduction page and click the little icon with the text: “Click here to see all the sculptures.” Right next to it you will also find a brief description as an introduction to the sculpture section.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments. Our last major contribution to the Daumier Register will be the drawings section, at which we have already been working for some time.