It may not quite be a “Daumier Code”….. but did you know that there are many hidden messages in Daumier’s lithographs besides the well-known pear shape symbolizing Louis-Philippe and thus avoiding censorship rejection?

There are a number of obvious symbols and encryptions, which are well known to Daumier scholars and documented in the literature. But would you ever suspect a deeper meaning behind the lithograph showing an old man in a nightgown contemplating his aging appearance (DR744: Le coton tombe, l’homme reste, et le mollet s’évanouit)? Or: what does DR1716 “Aspect de la Seine de Paris à Chatou” have to do with Corot’s birthday? And: what would “Récriminations” (Counter-accusations), DR1720, a seemingly harmless discussion between two neighbours about their common border, have to do with politics?

You can now find these and many more “encrypted lithographs” explained in detail in the Daumier-Register. We have created a new section with a search link in addition to the existing ones called “New Research Results”. The first fifty articles have just been inserted in this new section, and during the coming months we will constantly add more findings. Thanks to the initiative of the dedicated Daumier scholar and encryption specialist, Alex Djordjevic, who over the last years has made hundreds of highly interesting discoveries in Daumier’s work, we have together been able to create a platform and to edit and publish a plethora of fascinating discoveries.

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