Willis From Tunis received the Daumier Prize 2012


More than 4000 people attended the 2nd Cartooning for Peace International Meeting and participated in discussions led by Jean Leymarie (France Info) and Sylvère-Henri Cissé (Canal +).

The conferences intervenants (Robert Solé (former Director of Le Monde des Livres), Jean-François Kahn (Marianne founder) and Vanessa Rousselot (director of the documentary “blagues à part”)) were illustrated by cartoons drawn in live by the 23 invited cartoonists.

On the occasion of the 2nd Cartooning for Peace International Meeting in Caen, Willis From Tunis, young and talented cartoonist from Tunisia, received the Daumier Prize.

Willis From Tunis (Nadia Khiari) became famous during the Tunisian Revolution, when she drew her cat Willis on the white walls of Tunis. His character, well-known on facebook, is now a chronicler of the Tunisian news on social networks.