A new book on Daumier will be launched these days by Michel Melot, with the title: “Éloge de Daumier”.

The book, which is being published by ‘Pagine d’Arte’, 2012 in Lugano, Switzerland, is the latest research done by the author. There is no doubt that Michel Melot, author of “Daumier, l’art et la république” can be considered a Daumier specialist and connoisseur. He has over the years published more than 10 books and articles on Daumier. His elaborate findings represent an important contribution to Daumier research.

The new book highlights comments of Daumier’s contemporaries and elegantly brings them into context with examples of Daumier’s painted and graphic oeuvre. The generously illustrated booklet is a valuable new addition and goes beyond the more common coffee table book literature on Daumier.