January 26, 2005

We are glad to inform you that our work on the DAUMIER REGISTER ©, the new digital work catalogue on Daumier`s lithographic oeuvre, is finally approaching its final stage. We will shortly transfer the database to the computer wizards and hopefully, within the next 3-6 months the entire information will be accessible for you on the internet (well in time for Daumier`s 200th birthday in 2008 and the preparation of exhibitions for the DAUMIER YEAR).

Furthermore, after five years of intensive work, we have decided to make the complete English and German versions as well as a French standard version available FREE OF CHARGE TO EVERYONE, hoping that college and high-school students as well as their teachers will use this new tool in their art classes and that new and old collectors are being motivated to appreciate Daumier`s oeuvre even more.