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List of Famous Collectors

ADHEMAR, JeanCurator at the Cabinet des Estampes, researcher and publisher on Daumier
BABCOCK, William P.Painter who lived in Paris. He left his important collection to museums in the Boston area.
BECHTEL, H.Lawyer and President at the Grolier Club, New York. He gave his important collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
BECHTEL, Edwin de T.Published a standard work on the “Association Mensuelle” in 1952
BLISS, F.E.Collector, who left most of his prints to the museum of Baltimore, MD
BLOCH, A.Important French collector of Daumier prints. Most of them are now in the US
BORLETTI, Count AldoArdent Italian collector of drawings and lithographs, which were largely left to the museum in St. Denis, France.
BOUVY, EdouardFrench collector of lithographs and prints as well as researcher and publisher on Daumier’s wood engravings (first comprehensive work catalogue)
BRUCK, ZdenkoWell-known Daumier collector in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He owned at least 7 original works that we are aware of (DR10117; DR10194; DR10371; DR10392; DR10426; DR10445; and DR10666 ). Furthermore he had an important collection of Daumier lithographs including the complete set of Meynial reprints.
BÜHRLE, E.G.Swiss industrialist with a large Daumier collection, consisting of paintings, drawings and prints.
BUREAU, PaulFrench painter and collector of Daumier’s work
CHAMPFLEURY(pseudonym for Jules François Félix Husson) Friend of Daumier, collector, researcher and publisher on Daumier. One of the first small work catalogues after Alexandre
CHERPIN, JeanImportant French researcher and publisher on Daumier
COGNACQ, Gabriel(1880-1951), Important French collector of Daumier prints. He owned the famous department store Samaritaine in Paris.
DAVIES SistersGwendoline and Margaret Davies, two collectors from Scotland, who left an important collection of French paintings
DELTEIL, LoysArt dealer and collector. He published the second comprehensive work catalogue of Daumier’s lithographic oeuvre (with photos)
ESCHOLIER, RaymondFrench Publisher of books on Daumier
FUCHS, EduardCollector, researcher and publisher on Daumier. He published the first comprehensive work catalogue on paintings and drawings as well as lithographs and wood engravings.
GASTON-DREYFUS, RenéFrench owner of one of the most important collections of Daumier lithographs. His prints were sold in 1966 and 1968
GAVARNI, PaulPainter colleague during Daumier’s period
Le GARREC, MauriceFrench art dealer, researcher and publisher on Daumier
GEOFFROY-DECHAUMEFrench collector, friend of Daumier, and sculptor of his bust.
GERSTENBERG, OttoGerman art collector. After his death in 1935, his daughter Margarethe Scharf inherited his collection. In 2008, the collection will be exhibited in the Museum Scharf-Gerstenberg in Berlin.
GOBIN, MauriceResearcher and publisher on Daumier, specialized on sculptures
GRASS-MICK, A.French artist, collector, writer and publisher on Daumier
GRANDVILLE, J.-J.French collector and artist-colleague of Daumier at La Caricature and Le Charivari. Some prints of his Daumier collection ended up in the Ramus collection.
GRUNWALD, L.His important collection was integrated into the Hammer Collection in Los Angeles
HAMMER, ArmandInternationally active industrialist who collected Daumier’s art among many other artists. He established a permanent Daumier museum at UCLA.
HAZARD, Nicolas-Auguste(1834-1913) Publisher of the first comprehensive work catalogue on Daumier’s lithographic oeuvre
HORN, WernerGerman businessman from Düsseldorf. Together with his wife he collected Daumier lithographs over some 30 years. The whereabouts of this collection is still unclear, but it seems to have remained with a Dutch-German family.
HOYT, Anna C.Curator in Boston, MA
LARAN, JeanDirector of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, researcher and publisher on Daumier
LECOMTE, MarcelFrench art dealer, researcher and publisher on Daumier
LEJEUNE, RobertSwiss protestant minister who collected Daumier lithographs. He researched and published on Daumier. His collection was sold in 1978
LEMANN, BernardProfessor at New Orleans
LEYBOLD, Roger(1896 – 1970) Brewer and industrialist in Paris. Collector of paintings by Delacroix, Daumier, Jongkind, Corot, Boudin. He owned two paintings by Daumier and some bronzes.
LEYS, M.N.H.Dutch collector with an almost complete collection of Daumier lithographs, liquidated in Utrecht in the 1980s
LOCKHART JR., James H.American art lover and Daumier collector from Pittsburgh. He contributed with large donations to various museums.
LONGSTREET, G and S.Two almost complete lithographic Daumier collections. One was sold to the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, the other was sold in 2002 to a private collector in the US
LONCLE, MauriceFrench lawyer and great Daumier collector
LUCAS, George Aloysius(1824-1909) American art dealer and collector. He bought prints and drawings and donated them to various US museums
MAISON, K.E.French researcher and publisher on Daumier. He published a comprehensive work catalogue on paintings and drawings by Daumier
MARONI, A.(1852-1923) His large collection is split up between the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, the UCLA Hammer Collection, Los Angeles, CA, and the Boston Public Library, Boston, MA
MARX, RogerImportant French Daumier collector.
NOACK, Lilian and DieterSwiss collectors, researchers and publishers of the first digital Daumier work catalogue, the Daumier-Register
PASSERON, RogerFrench collector, researcher and publisher on Daumier
PROUTÉ, PaulFrench art dealer, researcher and publisher on Daumier
PROVOST, LouisFrench art dealer and researcher. First thematic guide on Daumier’s lithographs, published together with E. Childs, curator.
RAMUS, Charles F.Canadian professor, collector, researcher and publisher on Daumier as well as curator in Denver. His large Daumier collection is now privately owned in the US
REINHART, OskarSwiss industrialist with the largest Daumier collection in Europe, consisting of paintings, drawings prints etc. shown in Winterthur, Switzerland
REY, RobertResearcher and publisher on Daumier
RIM, CarloResearcher and publisher on Daumier
ROGER-MARX, ClaudeFrench researcher, publisher and collector of works by Daumier. His collection is now partly in the Musée du Louvre, Paris
ROSENWALD, L.J.Collector who donated his important collection to the National Gallery of Art in Washington. D.C.
ROSSITER, Henry P.Curator at the Boston Museum of Art
RÜMANN, ArthurGerman historian and collector, important researcher and publisher on Daumier. He wrote a catalogue raisonné on Daumier’s wood engravings
SCHNIEWIND, Carl O.Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago. His important collection of Daumier lithographs and drawings was liquidated by Boerner and Klipstein in 1933.
STINNES, Dr. HeinrichCologne, Germany. Art collector (Lugt 1376a), elder brother of the late German industrialist Hugo Stinnes (1870-1924)
SUTTON, DenysHead of the Arts Department at UNESCO
TRUSTMAN, Benjamin A. and Julia M.Famous Daumier collectors in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s with 8'600 lithographs plus bronzes. They gave numerous lithos to Brandeis, Harvard and Simmons, and the Boston MFA, and there were numerous exhibitions.
WALTERS, William and Henry(1848-1931) Famous American collector from Baltimore. His collection is now at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore