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was a weekly newspaper with great success, which was founded in 1894 (15 years after Daumier’s death) and existed until the 1950’s. It was founded in Paris by Félix Juven and focussed on the Arts, culture and politics of the time. The most important contributors were Théophile Steinlen, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Caran d’Ache, Charles Léandre, Georges Meunier, Jean-Louis Forain and many more.


was a weekly, then bi-weekly illustrated journal of general information which appeared in Paris from 1858 to 1900; then again from 1910 to 1912. L. Duplessis was the first director. The publication was more popular than L’Illustration, and featured many full-page illustrations. Typically the pictures were reprints from The Illustrated London News or the Leipzig newspaper Die Illustrierte Zeitung. With this procedure, low production costs and high circulation numbers could be guaranteed: 15’400 papers were produced in 1866. A. Dumas, P. Féval, A. Karr, V. Sardou, E. Souvestre, A. Wolff were the first collaborators. In 1867 authors like E. About, O. Feuillet, T. Gautier, P. Mérimée, A. de Pontmartin, Prévost-Paradol, Sainte-Beuve, P. de Saint-Victor, and G. Sand joined the publication.

L’ILLUSTRATION, journal universel

Weekly newspaper published in Paris. It was founded by the journalists J.B.A. Paulin, Edouard Charton, J.J. Dubochet and the geographer Adolphe Joanne. Dubochet was the editor and director. The first issue appeared on March 4, 1843. The paper contained woodcuts by Daumier and others. The woodcuts by Daumier are reprints from “La Grande Ville”, “Un Tableau de Paris” and “Les Français Peints par Eux-Mêmes”. The issue shown here from Feb. 22, 1879 was a hommage to Daumier who had died  on Feb. 10, 1879. His portrait is surrounded by his most famous lithographs.


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This album was published in 1844by Aubert. It followed the successful publication from 1843 of the “Musée Philipon”, of which some 6000 albums had been sold. “Paris Comique” contained prints from various artists such as Daumier, Gavarni, Monnier, Vernier etc. while the texts, which had no connection to the lithographs, were contributed by the same authors who were writing for “La Caricature”, “Musée Philipon” etc. The album was basically used by Aubert to offer unsold black and white as well as hand-coloured prints from his stock. In most cases, each album held 3 Daumier prints as well as a large number of lithographs from other artists. Usually a bound album with 30 colour or black and white prints on wove paper plus text was sold at 12 Francs. Each album held different Daumier prints, thus making it difficult to verify which Daumier lithographs had been published in the various albums.


Journal Universel, paraissaint tous les Jeudis

Composed of 16 pages in large newspaper format with 3 columns, with 9 to 10 images illustrating the text. The images are from: Gavarni, Daumier, Monnier, Doré, Bertall, Nadar etc.