Le Petit Journal Pour Rire

This publication was founded in 1867 by Charles PHILIPPON and edited by AUBERT, and intended to carry on in the style of LE JOURNAL AMUSANT (which had already previously been published under the name JOURNAL POUR RIRE).

There were numerous illustrations by various artists including DAUMIER. The printing technique applied in this publication was the Gillotage. DAUMIER’s prints are the following DR numbers: 3313-3332, 3334-3354, 3358-3360, 3362-3364,3371-3406, 3408-3413, 3945, 3948, 3954, 3415 bis (see the DAUMIER REGISTER for details). It should be noted that Daumier applied his drawings directly to the lithographic stone of which a zincograph was produced using the Gillot method. Thus some very few early proofs exist which are actually lithographs, but already carry the mark “Gillot” on their print. We are showing some of these in the Daumier Register DAUMIER REGISTER ©.