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Le Monde Illustré

This journal appeared on a weekly basis. Founded in 1856 it was sold also in 2 large annual volumes. Between 1862 and 1869 Daumier contributed 37 wood engravings to this journal; not in full size pages but still in rather large measurements. In the various years the following number of Daumier prints was published: 16 in 1862, 5 in 1863, 2 in 1864, 7 in 1867, 5 in 1868, 1 in 1869. The last one appeared in 1878. It is the beautiful “Fauteuils d’Orchestre” (DR 6071), a print executed by the engraver Lepère after a water colour by Daumier. It was shown at the great Daumier Exhibition at Galerie Durand-Ruel of 1878, arranged shortly before Daumier’s death.

According to Bouvy, five of those prints which had originally appeared in the ”Le Monde Illustré” were re-printed in 1865 in “Le Journal Illustré”, a weekly paper in-folio, founded in 1864. Further 20 prints were published in the weekly “La Presse Illustrée”, founded in 1860.