Le Journal Amusant

Félix Nadar (1829-1910): Portrait of Charles Philipon (1800-1862)
Photograph, ca. 1855. 23 cm x 15,6 cm (The original is in the Musée d’Orsay, Paris)

Advertisement for Le Journal Amusant in its 40th year of existence

“Journal illustré, journal d’images, journal comique, critique, satirique” was the full name of this weekly newspaper founded by Charles PHILIPPON and edited by AUBERT in 1855. It had already previously (from 1848 to 1855) been published under the name JOURNAL POUR RIRE and was succeeded in 1867 by the PETIT JOURNAL POUR RIRE.

The newspaper was illustrated with woodcuts and lithographs by DAUMIER, DORÉ, CHAM, STOP and others. After 1856, the printing was produced after the Gillot method. All of Daumier’s prints in this publication were Gillotages, done after his lithographs. They carry the numbers DR 3313-3413, 3938-3945, 3947-3954, 4028 (=LD3312bis), 3315. It should be noted that Daumier applied his drawings directly to the lithographic stone of which a zincograph was produced using the Gillot method. Thus some very few early proofs exist which are actually lithographs, but already carry the mark “Gillot” on their print. We will be showing some of these in the Daumier Register.

The Journal Pour Rire and the Charivari were directed by the same editor in chief and the artistic contributors were the same in both papers. Between 1856 and 1904 the Petit Journal pour Rire was added to the group. It was offered free of charge to the subscribers of the Charivari. The Petit Journal pour Rire can be considered a simpler version of the Journal Amusant.

Journal Amusant, 1st edition, January 1856