La Caricature Provisoire

Caricature of PHILIPON by Grass-Mick.

This weekly newspaper was founded by Charles PHILIPON. The first edition appeared on November 1, 1838. Later on, the title was changed to “La Caricature, revue morale, judiciaire, littéraire, artistique, fashionable et scénique”. Another change of name omitted the word “morale” and became: “La Caricature, revue satirique des modes, des théâtres, de la musique, des tribunaux et de la littérature”. The last edition appeared on December 13, 1843.

133 lithographs from DAUMIER were printed in LA CARICATURE PROVISOIRE, appearing both with and without text. Prints carrying no titles of series have later on been rejected. Most of them were however printed at a later stage in the CHARIVARI and were attributed to different series with the aim of completing them. Among those were: “Types Parisiens”, “Moeurs Conjugales”, “Revue Caricaturale”, “Vulgarités”, “Caricatures du Jour”, and many more.