The World of Honoré Daumier

Experience one of the most prolific French artists and caricaturists of the 19th century, who created a work which still today strikes us in its realism, artistic expression and imagination. Daumier succeeded in his drawings, lithographs, wood engravings, paintings and sculptures to express irony, sadness, joy, reality and vision. At the same time his oeuvre shows his deep political engagement and his heartfelt criticism of the monarchic system.
We would like to show you on these pages an overview of the importance of Daumier’s work. The Daumier Register, which at this time is the largest digital work catalogue, will allow you to access a total of more than 7’000 works of this amazing artist. We hope you will enjoy this journey into Daumier’s world.
Lilian and Dieter Noack

Daumier’s life

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