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Introduction to the DAUMIER Exhibitions

The list showing nearly 2'000 Daumier exhibitions starting as early as 1849 and ending in the present. We have endeavored to gather information about all the exhibitions, which were in one way or another connected to Daumier. We also included some of the more important auctions, such as the great Dreyfus sales (1966). We felt that their significance justified being mentioned in this list. Where information was available, we also stated whether a catalogue had been issued. Links to exhibition posters where we had access. A remark concerning the dates of some exhibitions: in some cases you will find that an exhibition “traveled” to various cities. In these cases, we did not list all of the stations separately.


It might be of interest to take a look at the countries with the most Daumier exhibitions between 1849 and February 2006:


          • France 208
          • USA 270
          • Germany 104
          • UK 65
          • Switzerland 100


One might argue about the importance of some exhibitions. We tried however to supply as much information as possible, and we believe that this list is the most complete presently published. Should you have any additional information concerning exhibits not included here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly update our list with your findings. Please bear in mind that fellow collectors, as well as museums and scholars will highly appreciate any update and corrections you might be able to contribute.


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